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NW 9/11/06

Totally Should Do(able) - What bulbs do you have? by Nate Westheimer

Think of all the technology that's changed in the past 20 years and think about how much easier and cheaper out lives are because of it. Now, realize that I'm joking. A lot of the technology we have now makes our lives more costly and more than a bit more complicated. But one technology, recently featured in this Fast Company article, has fulfilled the promises of time and money (and energy) conservation: the fluorescent light bulb.

I know, I know, there's a lot we've hated about these buzzing weird lights in the past, but apparently, while we've been staring at these computer screen bulbs, the technology behind fluorescent bulbs have changed a lot. So, check out this article, and check out how (WTF?!) Wal-Mart is taking charge in the move to CFL (compact fluorescent light) into every Wal-Mart shopper's home, saving the world from the greenhouse gases that inconveniently and truthfully will kill us one day.

Ill Logic: Seasons Changing. What stocks should I buy? by Nate Westheimer

I remember "learning" about stocks in my high school econ class. After a few days of talking about them, my teacher set up a stock picking contest for the students, many of whom had gained no understanding whatsoever of the market during the tutorial. Anyway, one the biggest mistakes I remember people making - at least in my mind at the time - was thinking about what season it was and then was becoming to pick their stocks. "It's getting warm, so who makes swimsuits? was a question one student pondered).

Good investors look at trends, and I guess the whole four seasons to a year, hot-warm-cold-warm-hot-warm-cold-warm (etc) thing was the easiest trend for lazy high schoolers to digest and analyze. Unfortunately, it's tough to make money with that level of logic. Why? The markets already know that swimsuit maker is going to make more money in the Summer then the Winter, so it's already priced into the market (meaning the stock price already reflects this understanding).

So why am I bringing this up 6 years later? Well, for one, I organized a stock picking contest at my old job, and the same thing happened again. This time by college graduates with at least a basic understanding of the economy and stock market (some of them kept personal portfolios). Nonetheless, they made their decisions based on fairly basic trends, including those damn seasons.

I guess the point of this rambling post is that there are many levels of analyzing trends that effect the stock market, and there are people out there who choose some of the simplest trends to make their decisions. While I use the seasons as an example of something so obvious it's already priced into the stock price, also note that if enough people buy or sell based on such trends, the stock will move accordingly and there will be money made on the upside or downside; so even the most sophisticated investor may find instances that it makes sense to buy or sell based on seasons (though really he or she would be trading based on HUMAN trends, which are probably the most complex!!).

Playing with logos by Nate Westheimer

I've been playing with some different ideas for Scoutsider's logo. This is one of them. I want to make something that conveys Scoutsider's themes (information, New York, fun), as well something that can be transferable to Scoutsider's other (possible) brands or cities. For this one I started with the idea that I would only mess around with the "Scout" part of the word, allowing "ScoutStream," for instance, to work under these parameters. As for the apple, I really just put it in because it was in the Illustrator library and was therefore on hand. Also, I think people associate New York with apples for some obvious reasons, so it worked as a starting point.Anyway, it's something I'll be playing for over the next few weeks leading up to our official launch. I think Evan would like it "less Web 2.0" for Scoutsider, which I'm down with, so don't be surprised if the final version loses any resemblance to this.