SXSW Swag for $50

March 8, 2011   

Being that Ohours is community tool born of passion, and already costing me $100+ a month on Heroku, I didn't want to go all out with SXSW swag... but I did want something to give out to our loyal SXSW- attending community members -- new, old, and to-be; so, I got creative, and came up with the perfect SXSW swag, costing me a grand-total of $50.

What is it? It's a business card envelope. At SXSW, it's not death and taxes that's inevitable, it's pockets full of business cards.

Yes, although it's 2011, and we still find the need to hand each other some paper to confirm that we've met. And since it would be rude to day "no thank you" to a card, we take them and put them in our pockets, to be squished with keys and coins.

Enter the Ohours envelope. This nifty card envelope holds a bunch of cards in any pocket, and keeps them organized. Plus, when I get home, I already know which of my cards I got at SXSW -- so when I want to remember that one person I met, I can just look inside of the Ohours envelopes.

Here's how I made them:

See you in Austin!

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