How to Predict the Future (note to self)

February 6, 2011   

Recently, I stumbled upon an old blog post of mine called “5 Things From the Future.” In the post, I talk about a future with Groupon, Foursquare, new journalism, UGC on the TV, and “Just in Time Philanthropy.” Granted, a few of those “predictions” came easily – some were already true when I made them – but the Groupon and Foursquare predictions really stood out to me when I read them 3 years later.


In those predictions, I reported on visceral truths which I believed, undoubtedly, would shape my future. And with that insight, I share with you some instructions I’ve left myself for continuing to predict the future.

How to Predict the Future (note to self)

  1. Open your eyes as wide as they can open.
  2. Keep them that far open all day long; only close them for sleeping and kissing the one you love.
  3. Point your eyes at as many things as possible during awake hours. This is a competition – with yourself. Try to see more today than you did yesterday.
  4. Play this game everyday. Extra points (like tons of extra points) for pointing your eyes (and that damn imagination of yours) toward thing made and done by people you find:
    1. Inspiring,
    2. Humbling, or
    3. Crazy as shit.
  5. Take note(s).
  6. Take note when something you see makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.
  7. Take note when something feels uncomfortable and inevitable at the same time.
  8. Take note that what you’re feeling – that new, icky, warm feeling – is the future.
  9. Take note.

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