Going Premium

June 28, 2010   

My dear friend Sam Lessin has gone premium and stopped blogging. It was bound to happen. After a few years of blogging and sharing his amazing insights, Sam had been writing with increased passion about the value of scarce information. Obviously, a blog keeps information from being scarce, and a pay email list puts a premium on it, and so Sam did what any self-respecting theorist would do and decided to walk the walk.

I, for one, have become one of Sam's first subscribers. I'm certain it will be worth it. But I didn't stop there. I've also started my own premium newsletter, called the "innonate insiderly."

In the "Insiderly," I'll be writing things not fit for this blog. For instance, this morning I wrote in detail about a new exercise I've asked my product team to go through. While I may have shared only general information about the exercise in a public blog post, I went in considerable detail on my thinking in the premium email setting. People who pay deserve to know, right?

We'll see how long before my "competition" subscribes.

Until then, see you here in my regular sporadic form, and see you there in my newly sporadic form.

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