May 17, 2010   

Over at AnyClip we just pushed a nice little release, which included putting the Facebook Like button throughout our site (my first “Like” was on the Office Space page) as well as major enhancements to our search algorithm and some new tools for our users to start adding more and more data. I’ll blog about these new tools soon, I hope, but first I want to announce a major new initiative of ours, called “Spliced.”

What’s Spliced?

Spliced is a new, awesome, amazing, insightful, funny, and smart film blog :-)

What makes Spliced different?

I blogged more about it here, but in short, we’re going to blog about films and the film industry uniquely the way AnyClip would: through the lens of film moments.

Who should read Spliced?

You! We’re writing Spliced with all film-lovers in mind. We won’t bombard you with a thousand posts a day, instead we’ll publish interesting and thoughtful posts that movie die-hards and and n00bs (like me) will enjoy. We’re also going to blog our fair share about the movie industry, especially the digital film industry.

Okay! That’s it for now. Go read Spliced!

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