Office Hours this Friday: Experiment

December 7, 2009   

About a year ago, I introduced weekly "Office Hours" into my schedule. The thesis: If I set aside a weekly, hour block of 15 minute meetings, I would be able to meet more people and more people would be able to meet me. So far, the thesis has proven itself beautifully. I've probably met 50+ people I wouldn't have otherwise, and I know of at least one transaction that occurred stemming from an introduction I made after a meeting.

Now that I know how well this experiment works, I'm adding a new dynamic to Office Hours, and seeing if my time donated to the community can inspired the community to donate money to charities I care about.

So, please, if there's something you'd like to talk about in regards to startups, NY Tech Meetup, or my advisory position at Flybridgesign-up for this week's Office Hours. After you sign up, thank you in advance for using the ChipIn widget below to donate $15 to in exchange for my time.

Thanks for participating in this experiment with me! The first phase has gone amazingly well!

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