"This Week" on The Interwebs

February 20, 2009   

Tipping my cards here a bit...

In a few weeks, you going to see a new show on the Interwebs, called, "The Interwebs."

The Interwebs is a weekly web video collaboration I'm doing with Adam Quirk of Wreck and Salvage, as well as a handful of other web entrepreneurs you know and like (well, maybe not like).

One segment of the show (which will be weekly) is called "This Week" (or something like that) and is about the news of the week (go figure!). To get some practice, I recorded this clip this morning (see above).

Of course the real segment will be much shorter (probably 1.5 min) and more scripted, but I need practice turning on a camera and talking to it, so this is what I created. The rest of the show will also be comprised of short clips, featuring other people, creating a ~10 minute show about the business of media and technology, through the eyes of real entrepreneurs, not journalists (exception: you'll probably see some faces like Dan Frommer of SAI on screen from time to time).

I'll go into more of our reasoning for focusing on entrepreneurs in a later post, but essentially I think entrepreneurs are the smartest -- and most fun -- folks I know, and I want this show to be both smart and fun!

So, look for the pilot right before SXSW, and then look for The Interwebs to be reporting from Austin, TX for all five days of SXSWi (which we're open to sponsorships for).

So, here's the first screen test for The Interwebs. It will only get sharper, pointier, and better for you.

Feedback wanted!

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