NewsHour "gets" Twitter

January 6, 2009   

Newshour Twitter I'm a bit biased here (I used to consult with NewsHour through my work with National Public Media) -- and I'll write more about effectively using Twitter in forthcoming blog posts -- but I wanted to point people to this recent tweet by @NewsHour.

Most media organizations do two things wrong on Twitter.

They use their Twitter accounts to only to broadcast links to their stories.

They act like the Twitter account is somehow the voice of the outlet itself, rather than the voice of a real employee (who, in turn, is a real person).

From the start, NewsHour has done the right thing on Twitter. Not only do they tell people to watch other outlets when it's best for their followers (see above referral to CSPAN, as well as this referral to NPR) but they also tweet with a human voice.

Team NewsHourI still remember this tweet from the Democratic Convention, when Online NewsHour Anna Shoup went on the convention floor (shortly after I had been hanging out with the NewsHour crew in one of the media tents (photo right).

floor access closed unless you have a seat. I don't. Outside rim s till packed

That was Anna talking. Not some bot.

That's "getting" Twitter.

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