Why Herman blackbook Matters

January 2, 2009   

Needless to say, but TechWagCrunch just doen’t get it. Today, my friend Darren Herman announced the launch of the “Herman blackbook” New Platforms Fund, a new fund for people developing applications on top of platforms like Twitter, the iPhone and Boxee.

As Darren decribes it, “New Platforms Fund investments will range from $1-3,000 each,” which is something TC took a stab at.

But I’m excited.

I see this new fund being just what the doctor ordered for hackers who have stayed up at night, building a cool app on top of these platforms, and needing to put the final touches on their work to take it to market.

It’s a common problem, as I can’t tell you how many of my developer friends I know who have built something and – because they haven’t had a few thousand dollars sitting their to invest in a great design or finishing touches – let it sit in alpha on their harddrive or on their phone.

What more, successfully bringing something to market isn’t something we’ve all done in the past. Darren has.

In short, Darren’s announcement is great for developers, great for New York, and great for the industry. He’s filling an important void, and I can’t wait to see which companies take him up on his services.

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