Office Hours

December 15, 2008   

Make an Online AppointmentBeginning this Friday, I’m starting a new experiment and holding office hours.

The problem

Because of an increasingly hectic schedule, I’m discovering that there are a lot of people I don’t get to spend any time with or meet face to face. Since normal meetings take at least an hour, meeting face to face –  even at my “level” – doesn’t scale.

The solution

Office Hours. [Well, this is an experiment, so I imagine I should say, in Ron Burgundy form, “Office hours?”]

In order to meet with more people and learn more about my community, I’m setting aside 1.5 hours every Friday to meet with 6 new people in 15 minute time slots.

Meetings will take place here at the Rose Tech Ventures incubator and new time slots will become available every week following the completion of that week’s office hours.

And, while meeting are open to everyone and anyone – including hard-to-schedule friends – I reserve the right to moderate my time (i.e. make room for more people in lieu of hearing a sales pitch).

Nevertheless, I look forward for the opportunity to meet 6 people I ordinarily wouldn’t meet – and that very well could me you.

So, if you’ve been meaning to introduce yourself, get feedback on something you’re working on, or just say hello, click here and sign up for office hours!

The experiment starts this Friday.

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