12 people to meet in '08, revisited

November 17, 2008   

Back in January, I listed 12 people I wanted to meet in 2008. It's time to revisit the list and see how I've done:

  1. Esther Dyson - no
  2. Matt Mullenweg - no
  3. David Hirsch - no
  4. Greg Verdino - Greg reached out in my blog comments and we met for coffee shortly thereafter. Awesome dude.
  5. Alex Iskold - Alex and I have hung out several times this year, including at the Adaptive Blue housewarming party.
  6. Bernard Lunn - Bernard was the first person I met with after my post. We met at a cafe downtown and I got a lot of great feedback from him.
  7. Kevin Ryan - Kevin was on my panel at Web 2.0 Expo and then took part in the breakout session in Web2Open. I got smarter in those two hours than any other two hours of 2008.
  8. Marc Andreessen - no
  9. Ed Costello - We finally got to hang out at a nextNY event this Spring, but we haven't spent nearly enough time hanging out. Keep this half-checked.
  10. Chris Sacca - no
  11. David Weinberger - no
  12. Evan Williams - no

Five for twelve isn't terrible -- it shows I at least tried -- but while there's still time left in 2008 I'd like to improve my average to over 50%, perhaps meeting with two or three more of these folks.

Honing the list a little, I'm going to take off Matt, Ev, and David Weinberger, since I'm no longer doing BricaBox and my interest in their work was largely inspired by BricaBox.

That leaves me with Marc, Chris, David Hirsch and Esther Dyson to try and meet. All these folks are pretty busy, but with any luck, I'll track them down in the weeks to come.

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