Ohio needs you

October 19, 2008   

If it’s not clear to you why we must elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States, please watch Fmr Sec of State Colin Powell’s stirring endorsement of Obama’s campaign.

But while endorsements help win a news cycle or two, they don’t win campaigns. Here in Ohio, the most pivotal state in the 2004 election and once again “ground zero” for electing our next President, we need more ground troops in the final weeks and days leading up to the election. We need you knocking on doors and talking to swing voters.

Why do we need people? Because McCain’s ruthless strategy of sowing doubt about a Black man with a middle name of Hussein is working.

Dozens of folks I’ve talked to ask me, “Is it true he’s not a Christian? Is it true he doesn’t pledge allegiance to America?” Folks here know Obama’s policies are best for America, but they’re being lead to doubt him as a person.

And this is where YOU, as a person, come into play.

More powerful than any dishonest robocall or fear-mongering mailpiece is your presence at someone’s door.

The media may lie (talk radio is powerful business in these parts), but a friendly face with an earnest and respectful desire to talk about the election never does.

So, this is my ask for you to come and help. And here you have two options:

  1. Visit the Come to Ohio site on BO’s website and get placed in the right area by the campaign experts.
  2. Come to Cincinnati and work with me and other local organizers. Use my contact form to let me know when you plan on coming.

Ohio needs you. I know you can give up a weekend – so please do.

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