Social Content

May 19, 2008   

As I talk about the BIG VISION for BricaBox, I often find myself repeating a definition for "social content website" -- because that's the scope of our platform, and those are the kinds of sites we set out to power. Currently, my best definition of "social content" is this:

"Websites where a group of people collaborate on a base of content."

While I've thought about including a qualifier like "... using a common format" to the end of that definition, I think it's pretty good right now.

Here are some examples of "social content" sites, so you can see the scope of this genre:

  • Wikipedia is a "social content" website
  • YouTube fits this bill
  • Yelp is an example
  • Scribd is a social content site for documents
  • 43things is a social content site
  • Digg is also a social content site
  • Aviary is a social content platform

What's your definition of "social content sites"? Have you ever thought of all these sites being under one genre?

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