Lindsay Campbell is my Hero

May 14, 2008   

MobLogic host, Lidsay Campbell, was arrested last week during the protests for the brutal killing of Sean Bell.

In her follow-up episode from the event, Lindsay bravely describes her decision to get arrested. You can watch the episode below -- it's impressively thoughtful and thought-provoking.

What I want to point out, however, is this frame from the episode (see screenshot above). This is Lindsay, in handcuffs, catching a digital camera being thrown to her by her cameraman.

Not only does Lindsay end up catching the camera without being caught, but she also manages to bring it into the jail cell and take footage of the civil disobedience process.

While acts of civil disobedience can be powerful and inspire me in many cases, what I want to commend Lindsay on, in an episode where she questions her own journalistic integrity (for getting arrested on account her personal beliefs), is her journalistic integrity.

Lindsay wanted to be a part of the story so she could bring us the real story, not just sit from a holding pen and be bombarded, or drowned out, by the mainstream, cautious-equals-obedient press.

Indeed, Lindsay's real act of civil disobedience was that against the mainstream press -- not the NYPD. And she rocked it - and we as citizens are better off for it.

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