Feedback needed for my Social Content Autopsy post

February 20, 2008   

Hi folks, I'm working on part 2 of the "manifesto" -- this next part is going to be called "The Social Content Autopsy" -- and I wanted to get some feedback from you on some notes of mine and a quick video I put together to express those notes. This will help me get my material in good order for our launch.

Notes: The concept is that we created BricaBox to become a universal social content platform (I talked about the significance of this in Part 1 of our manifesto). But, being a universal anything is a daunting task, unless you can be universal through simplicity. So, I want to show how we picked apart the social content sites to find an underlying, simple model behind all of them, and then created BricaBox inspired by that simple model.

Anyway, here's the model:

Social Content Site = Content + User Engagement + Meta Data

And here's the video I started in order to show how this model plays out:

Clearly, a second part of the video is needed ("... and this is why we made BricaBox... come use it...") and clearly someone else has to do the narration (I didn't know I sounded so stuffy when I speak), but hopefully you watch this video and say:

1. "Ahh, this is why they're doing what they're doing" and 2. "Wow, that's so obvious."

So, please let me know if I'm headed in the right direction or if you have some advice for how I could do it better.


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