Learn how to start a tech company

February 15, 2008   

Charlie O'Donnell will be teaching the ITAC's upcoming entrepreneur boot camp, according to an announcement on his blog. This sounds like a good opportunity to go through the startup process in parallel with Charlie, who has already proven an ability to get the first steps right (like convincing 20 people to hand over a bunch of cash). Here is a bit of info Charlie provides:

What is Fast Trac?

Fast Trac is a 12-week comprehensive business boot-camp that helps companies develop a well-honed business plan, solidify strategies, understand the investor mindset and better position themselves to attract capital. The program is suitable for NYC businesses in a variety sectors - technology, new media, green...

The cost is usually $1000, but is $800 for anyone who comes through this blog and mentions me. It includes all materials, weekly reviews, one on one session with finance pros and a final review of the Full business plan.

More information is available on Charlie's blog.

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