Dear Obama, Please Kill the Music

February 15, 2008   

Dear Senator Obama, My friend, I love you and I voted for you in New York State. I want you to win my Party's nomination.

However, I, like all Americans, have friends who disagree with me. These are reasonable people -- people I love and trust more than I can ever love and trust a political candidate -- and so when they speak out I listen closely.

One of the things I've been hearing a lot is a reasonable concern that your speeches can be based too much on rhetoric and to little on substance. I actually enjoy your speeches a lot, and I think it's clear where your politics are, but I have noticed that you fall back on oratory grace at every turn, and that lately it's been losing currency.

Just today, I answered one of your emails which asked me to send a not to superdelegates asking for their support. I did that, and then was taken to a page with this video:

While I enjoyed this speech very much, when I heard it played back with music in the background -- music your campaign put there (not a supporter, such as the "Yes, We Can" video) -- I have to say that I shook my head a little bit.

Did you really need that music? I think this plays to readily into the criticism many reasonable people have about you.

Keep up the good work on the campaign trail, but please be aware that real supporters of your are starting to get tired of the speeches which sound like the work of a talented 26 year old speech writer.

You're more than that.


Nate Westheimer

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