Game: Who is Chris Sacca in bed with in NYC?

January 28, 2008   

UPDATE 1: My friends over at Silicon Alley Insider and Caroline McCarthy of CNET have just reblogged this question. I'm always shocked by how few people apparently read Chris Sacca's blog. Yeah, he never writes on it, but he was one of the most influential folks at the Google, and THE most influential in the Google M&A space. Add on top of that the fact that he spearheaded their mobile strategy (yes, the one which did the impossible and opened the wireless industry) and you have to wonder why everyone has some other idiot in their RSS reader and not a guy like Chris.

Anyway, when Chris announced his his departure from Google last month, he told he readers that he would start investing some money in startups (through a reposted interview with John Battelle.

Just last night, he posted that he's HAS invested in and is working very closely with a New York City-based "content company," and he put out a personal call for a web developer to join the team. Here's a brief quote from it:

I am backing an edgy little content company in New York City that needs their first full-time tech lead. This is an opportunity to get in at the ground level of a rapidly growing web property, which already has tons of sweet press, sick and steadily growing traffic, and some very passionate users.

So, my question is:

Who is this "little content company in New York City"? And what rapidly growing NY company needs their FIRST full-time tech lead?

Let the guessing games begin. I'm stumped, but I want to know. Apparently we're not supposed to find out until the damn thing is relaunched.

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