Best Campaign Commercial of the Primaries

January 24, 2008   

This is by far the best campaign commercial I've seen in the primaries. Simple, clear, and in a format we all recognize: a movie trailer!

Anyway, I've just given to Edwards' campaign for the third time (all three very small donations). I was particularly drawn to Hilary and Obama in December, after reading great articles about them both and watching a ton of CSPAN.

However, their schanangans of the last two weeks -- which BOTH participated in -- was ridiculous, and I hope John capitalizes on it.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure who I'll vote for on February 6th. I just know John deserves to be considered a top contender. I feel sorry for him that all the progressive dollars, chasing his authentic campaign against poverty, jumped over to Barak's campaign.

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