Develop something cool with us

January 23, 2008   

We'll put a formal "help wanted" ad out in a few days, but as things start to get exciting here at BricaBox (launching in February and working on some exciting new special projects), I wanted to start getting the message out there that we're going to need more smart development hands in the pot very soon. If you are a freelance PHP developer, we'd love to talk to you. If you have great product vision, like to design on the side, and need little hand-holding when looking at complex code, you're the kind of person we're holding out for. If you "get" and like what we're doing here, why haven't you called already? If you think there's a thousand things we could be doing better, we're already in love.

If you know a great person we should be working with (especially if that person is you) get in touch now!

[nate dot westheimer at the gmail dot com]

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