My iPhone should be a MacPhone too

December 31, 2007   

I bought an iPhone a month ago and I love it. Let's start with that. But don't anyone think for a moment that I'm not keeping tabs on the pluses and minuses.

The first big, big minus I have to share is the fact that there's no interface on my computer to use the phone while it's plugged in.

The real inconvenience here is that I only have two ears and hate switching headphones between my phone and my computer. I get a call, I plug into my iPhone. I listen to a podcast, watch a video or listen to music, I plug into my Mac.

I have an iPhone -- I want a MacPhone too!

The solution is to either bring the phone functionality to the Mac (in an interface much like Skype's) or to be able to pass computer sounds and mic-in through the iPhone while it's plugged in.

The photo below shows how a feel about this :-)


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