Improv Everywhere turns into "Best Buy" for Bloggers

December 13, 2007   

I wasn't sure how best to pun this headline, so you got what you got. Anyway, if you're a blogger and interested in your first amendment rights, check out what happened to Laughing Squid over the past week.

Basically, Scott Beale reported on an Improv Everywhere "Mission" which had to do with parodying Best Buy's (in)famous blue shirts.

He reported on it, and what did he get from Best Buy, but a Cease and Desist (C&D)!

You can read original C&D and the timeline of events on Scott's blog. But the moral of the story is that Best Buy eventually apologized for the C&D and recognized Beale's right to report on the matter and repost evidence of the IE mission. Check out the apology letter and post here.

I think this is a great case study for bloggers, freedom of speech, and corporate relations.

Should be studied by all.

Go Scott!

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