BricaBox's Market: Social vs Economic

December 7, 2007   

I was really interested in Fred Wilson's post today about the "Social Blogging" market, especially his chart about the blogging and social networking markets. For regular readers of this blog, you may expect that when I hear the words "social" and "blogging" or "publishing" mashed together, I think about a concept I call "Social Knitting."

Social Knitting happens when people develop content and meaning together in a semi-structured fashion. BricaBox is a Social Knitting application, and so it Twitter and Tumblr.

Twitter has structure when a meme is connected through strings of "@s" (and if their would implement my Twurl, short-url service). Tumblr has structure through re-plogging, as Fred points out.

"Social Knitting" is the word Fred is looking for. It's the same thing that happens when somebody votes on another's entry on a BricaBox site, or adds new information to the collection as a whole and connects it through structured information, like addresses.

Anyway, I took great interest in the chart that Fred put up, and doctored it to place BricaBox in its rightful place, and to take out Vox from the equation. This shows various platforms together in their social terms, which is important because looking at it from a social perspective means valuing the post on use.

But what about economics, value, and demand? The next slide is straight of our investor deck, but illustrates how we explain our value prop to publishers.

So far, we find that this slide speaks the truth to publishers, because BricaBox allows folks with a sizable publishing operation to have a fully functional, multi-dimensional social website without investing huge cash in a proprietary platform or digging into piles of code.

Anyway, I'm curious to hear what people think. Do these charts make sense? Do you think "Social Knitting" is the term Fred is looking for?

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