Open Phones: Apple is why Verizon is opening up

November 27, 2007   

The Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Verizon is opening their network to all CDMA phones and any apps which want to run on those phones. Not to brag, but this is what I called when I wrote "The Carrier Coup" back in June.

In that post, I explained that "Safari as the iPhone SDK" was a revolutionary win not just for Apple, but for the whole industry.

I noted:

For so long [the carriers have] tried to control what’s on the device, but a modern browser and “Web 2.0 — web as a platform” have changed all this. Now anyone can develop for the iPhone, rather than just some, without the fear of the carrier.

It was clear that this was the opening, and today's announcement shows that it was successful. Apple showed that since the web is open, the web enabled phone is open. So you might as well open it all the way.

PS: I think it's somewhat ironic that today I bought an iPhone and left Verizon.

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