More than 433

November 19, 2007   

I made fun of Yahoo!'s Kickstart app for allowing me to be user # 433. I really couldn't believe that a Yahoo! product, for gosh sakes, could have that few users at the time I signed up (the first day of public beta). And in that post I said,

We expect to have that many users within the first week or so of launching the beta of BricaBox, but we’re small potatoes compared with these guys.

Well, we did and have... blowing through that number in a little over a week, we now have "more than 433" users, which begs the question:

If it took Kickstart a day and us a week to get to 433, are we going to be 1/7 the size of Yahoo! one day?

That would put BricaBox at an (eventual) $5.12 Billion (with a B) marketcap, which I'm a-okay with.

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