I am user 433 on Kickstart. Seriously??!!

November 5, 2007   

I tried to upload an avatar to Yahoo!'s Kickstart (mentioned earlier today) and this is what I got: ks_ymdb_upload_image(/tmp/profile_user433.jpg, F7.84.1, user/photo/profile/433.jpg) failed: -1 ks_ymdb_upload_image(/tmp/small_user433.jpg, F7.84.1, user/photo/sml/433.jpg) failed: -1 ks_ymdb_upload_image(/tmp/medium_user433.jpg, F7.84.1, user/photo/med/433.jpg) failed: -1 ks_ymdb_upload_image(/tmp/large_user433.jpg, F7.84.1, user/photo/lrg/433.jpg) failed: -1

Errors on betas are a-okay with me, but what surprised me was that I was only user # 433. 433?!? This is Yahoo!, right? They can't release a beta of a product with more than 433 people involved? We expect to have that many users within the first week or so of launching the beta of BricaBox, but we're small potatoes compared with these guys.

What's going on here?

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