BricaBox is "one of the coolest things I saw..."

October 26, 2007   

We were pretty pumped when David Berlind wrote us up on his popular "Testbed" blog. We were jazzed, then, when he followed up and made BricaBox a part of his weekly podcast show, and proclaimed that BricaBox was "one of this coolest things [he] saw at Startup Camp."

Among other quotes, his podcast-mate, Dan Farber, said, "user-generated meta-data is really the next big phase for search on the web."

That sounds swell to us too. Of course we're thinking about search, but that's a later stage thing -- after we build the best product for our publishers and help them make their content more valuable.

Anyway, check out the podcast (they start talking about us in the 15th minute, so fast-forward if you're short on time) and check out this screen shot of BricaBox. Click on it to see it larger.

Time to get back to work! (David did say, in the podcast, that it's up to us to make it happen!)

BricaBox Screenshot

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