innonate web stats in year one

October 15, 2007   

This post is really for you numbers and stats geeks out there. I've posted screen shots of some key metrics for my blog over the past year. This spans a time when I used to get 10 hits a week to a time when I get about 50 hits a day on average. I'm not a big blog... you all know that, but this data could be useful to you. So, right-click on the images to see them in full size and download this PDF or this XML file if you want more general info (these are reports provided by Google Analytics).

I'll analyze all these numbers at a later date -- I think the role Google Search plays in this is most interesting. For now, I just hope you get something out of it.

Picture 1-2 Picture 2-6 Picture 3-3 Picture 4-4

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