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September 27, 2007   

Folks, this is a re-post from what I wrote and had Tony put up on the CooperBricolage Blog. Check it out. Dear CooBric-ers, Gosh, do we have some news for you!

The current home of CooperBricolage, Cafe Fuego, is about to begin a massive renovation of its restaurant on St. Marks Place in early October. New name, new chef, new menu, new management– nearly everything.

Since this is the current home for coworking in Manhattan, we need to start looking for a new home immediately. The end of September marks the end of our usage of the space.

While we’re operating on short notice, we see this as an opportunity– a blank slate– which will allow us to retool the model to best suit your needs as members of the NY Tech Community.

Thanks to the feedback we’ve gotten from many of you over the past two months, we’ve now got a pretty solid idea of your needs. You have all made important contributions to this process, and now you have an opportunity to contribute more– by helping us further define the next space. The possibilities for our next place are endless, because the place hasn’t even been picked yet!

So start to think about the best places you do work in the city. What cafes currently need a strong community of tech/start-up workers? Where do you already spend your days working? Would the management be psyched about a cause like ours?

We’re examining not only cafes, but leased office space as well. If you are a cafe/space owner or know one who you think would be interested, we’d love to hear from you!

Use the comment section below or contact us if you can think of a great location for CooBric. This is a fantastic opportunity to change the face of Silicon Alley.

Thanks for your continued support, and stay tuned for here for updates on our progress!


The CooBric Comm

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