August 22, 2007   

I just love this post on the Blip.tv blog. That’s called transparency and customer service (my underline below).

The blip site is currently unavailable to some users due to what appears to be a database issue. We’re working hard on the problem right now, and will have additional updates ASAP.

UPDATE 5 minutes later: We’re back. Our MySQL database got locked up. We’re not sure why yet, we’re investigating. We recently changed our root passwords. The script that purges our binary database logs stopped working because it wasn’t updated with the new password, which made the disk on one of our database servers fill up. Ordinarily we would have been alerted to this by an e-mail alert, but it happened so quickly that postfix couldn’t send e-mails. We found out anyway and fixed it.

If you’d like to talk about this please feel free to call me at 917-546-6989 (in the office) or 646-827-9773 (on my cell phone).

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