"Facebook Blah"

June 23, 2007   

I can’t fully articulate my thoughts on the matter at this moment, but Fred and Brad and starting to get there.

The best I can do is say that I’m feeling a little “Facebook Blah” these days, as I get invited to spam my friends or get spammed by them at every turn.

The wost problem is that most apps for Facebook are complete junk… do nothing crap… waste of my time.


Now I feel like I’m wasting time. That’s blah.

Someone I respect very very much told me it was “crazy” for not diverting dev resources from the BBX project to make a VentBox app for Facebook.

But if we’re working on something that’s going to make people say “rah!” why should we work on something that’s just going to make people say “blah”??

(PS: I’m boarding a place back to the USA in an hour. Expect more regular blogging soon.)
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The Facebook Problem

I see a different Facebook problem. Invite overload and application noise. I cannot keep track of all the invites I am getting, both the standard invites and the application invites. And what’s worse, I can’t keep track of all the applications that all of my friends are using.

We all know I am not the Facebook generation. So maybe I am just not capable of dealing with this level of social networking. But I bet that many of the members of the Facebook generation are secretly wishing for the old Facebook where it was more about them and their friends and less about being a social operating system.

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