a shared vision can come from many angles

June 9, 2007   

The paragraph below provides an interesting peek into the rationale for running shared space/coworking facilities.

It’s been fun sharing ideas and buzz around this issue, because the issue of motivation is so interesting, and the varying motivations put a spotlight on the different parts of the very ecosystem we’re talking about.
clipped from blog.coworking.info

And so the choice of whether to be a bedroom, Bedouin or coworking worker can’t simply come down to dollars and cents. Instead you’ve got to look beyond hard costs to the soft amenities that Ben refers to. The benefits of having people and community an arms-length away, the ability to store your equipment safely (and not carry it wherever your go), to offer a professional atmosphere for your clients and partners, to collaborate with your peers and to simply not work alone, to hold events as you like… are just a few of the basic things that make running a coworking space worthwhile.

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