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May 16, 2007   

This from paidContent’s coverage of Martin Nisenholtz’s keynote at Streaming Media East. Read the entire pC article, but focus on this clip. It’s a huge issue, and has a chapter in my “Future of Everything” post.
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TV Is Not TV Anymore: Noting that NBC and other sites are starting to view pre-roll ads as “universally accepted bad behavior,” the Times is launching a feature called Video Lounge, which will allow advertisers to display long-form content. “The idea of Video Lounge is predicated on the basic notion that advertising will become more of an entertainment product.” He cautions that such initiatives are undertaken knowing that there’s no clear direction for monetizing online video. “The incumbents haven’t taken a leadership role. Why did it take broadcasters so long to realize the importance of online video? Obviously there were existing relationships, existing ways of doing things that held them back. The new guys, like us, have nothing to protect and we have nothing to lose. When ABC started selling shows through iTunes, they had to convince their affiliates that this was a necessary change, that it was innovate or die.”

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