NBCU heading toward 15 second ads, away from the 30 second spot

May 8, 2007   

This is one small step for advertisers, because they’re in for one giant leap in how the ad “works.”

I’m just getting used to my 3 second spots on Joost.
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By Rafat Ali - Mon 07 May 2007 12:16 AM PST

How did this happen? NBCU is making itself usable: it will not accept pre-roll online video ads longer than 15 seconds for short-form video content. The exception will be full-length episodes of broadcast-TV shows, which are longer duration and ad breaks are non-frequent. a revenue risk, considering about a quarter to a third of all pre-roll coming into NBC Universal still clocks in at 30 seconds. Not sure if other networks have similar policies, but will probably follow suit in some form soon.

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