Incubator, HotPlate, or Digital District?

May 8, 2007   

There’s a lot going on in the incubator space, and Darren catches up with it in this post. In the comments section of his post, I observe/question:

“I have an increasing fear that incubators are not sustainable, which is why I really like the “hot-plate” model, of providing the underlying economic efficiencies to groups and companies with various financing statuses.

I wonder both HOW these two models (incubator and hotplate) mesh up with what you’re doing on Broad Street and IF you think it would be more sustainable to get the City involved by creating an official and supported Digital District, like they’ve done in Paris.”
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From my own take, lets learn from the music industry. Hits aren’t sustainable because you aren’t gauranteed one each time. The Dave Matthews Band do not have chart topping songs each time their album comes out, yet they are very sustainable. I’m extremely interested to learn more about Ravikant’s new project and how he’s looking to navigate the ‘hit’ centric business model.

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