Twitter, Lev Grossman, and Data Addiction

April 12, 2007   

“Twitter,” I start my post. “La-la-la-la,” you close my window.

Like it or not, that’s what the world is talking about. On the nextNY list, it was talked about in great detail, in fact. (I certainly wasn’t able to keep up, and I still haven’t/won’t/find-no-need-to give my own analysis.)

Well, out of all of this hoopla, I’m taking one article to heart more than others: that’s Lev Grossman’s (of TIME) article called The Hyperconnected.

It’s a great, introspective piece on what the Twitter phenomenon exposes about some of our data consuming habits which already existed pre-Twitter. Anyway, it’s worth a read, and your consideration.

2 Tangental Bits:

  • Lev is a New York-based technology writer, and has his blog at:
  • While I was in good ol’ Cincinnati over the past weekend, my best friend pointed out that I, formerly one of the last people to silence his phone when hanging out with one or a few people, had begun doing the terrible deeds Lev points out: checking the phone’s screen, responding to text messages while trying to carry on a conversation, etc, etc. That’s an unfortunate development, and I’ll try to curb my data addiction when in social situations.

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