cafeSlamming Tomorrow (Friday) in the LES

March 8, 2007   

Very exciting things going on tomorrow. Firstly, Kyle Bragger, BricaBox's newly hired designer, will be coming to the City to work out on the new deigns of VentBox.

This coincides with a little cafeSlamming going on, which you're invited to.

What's this?

If you're an untethered professional (meaning laptop carrying and not office bound), then come to Ini Ani cafe on Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow. It's a great cafe and in the LES with free wifi where we can all do our work, socialize, and talk about cafeBricolage from 1 - 6pm, open house style (basically I'm saying I'll be there. Come if you are cool enough.)

So, would anyone be interested? Sign up on the nextNY wiki:

Info/directions to ini ani: 2nd Ave stop onthe F/V

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