Photo: Sharing Grief

January 25, 2007   

Okay, so I had to submit another photo to the contest. This contest really got me looking at my photos! This one is called "Sharing Grief." The story is below. You can vote for this photo here. Thanks!

Sharing Grief is a photo of the impromptu “3/11” memorial in Madrid’s Atocha train station, taken two months after the tragic bombings of Spain’s commuter rail system. This photo shows memorial candles and one of Picasso’s doves, a universal sign of peace. Of all the experiences I have had away from home, being in Madrid during these trying times had the most profound effect on me. Just by being there – by having Spanish friends and loved one who traveled on those trains everyday – being there to share the load of grief after those attacks was a heavy burden, but also an honor.

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