No worries about Google

January 2, 2007   

I had been seeing these grumblings popping up in the blogosphere a lot lately, and was planning on writing a note about it. Then came this article, summing it all up, from PaidContent. Read the PaidContent article for a recap of why people are getting pissy at GOOG, but my comments are these:

If GOOG is smart (which we know it is) and humble (which they are), our Mt. View friends will take the recent security issues very seriously and will aptly deal with them (think about how much faster GOOG was able to close up a loop-hole compared to MSFT's IE issues (this because they're web-based!)).

GOOG's dominance is out of the bloggers hands (the same hands that brought it to prominence), and getting better and better everyday. Google Blog Search just past industry stalwart Technorati for blog searching, Google Personal Homepage is the fastest growing feature in their house (the battle for homepage rule is a big one in a "web as a platform" future).

Anyway, I'm going to keep my eyes glued to this Google bashing trend, but for now I'm not worried one bit.

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