Fred Wilson/NY Mag Event and Social Networking

November 21, 2006   

I went to a great event last night featuring Fred Wilson, a VC with Union Sq. Ventures. I wrote a summary of the event here. One thing I don't mention in my re-cap, but will offer here, is my view on the social networking aspect of the event. As someone working on a project in "stealth mode", the pain and risk of being obnoxious about saying "oh, I'm working on a project in stealth mode, I can't tell you much about what I'm doing" seems to outweigh the possible benefits of networking. I mean, how annoying is it when I, or anyone else, say that!? To me, it sounds pretty dumb. By far the best way of networking is not giving approved tid-bits about the project you're working on, but actually launching and making waves outside your bar-room pitch, then telling people what you've done, not what you're planning on doing.

So, for now, you'll find me at events and events that have social networking involved, but you won't find me hanging around after the speaker has done her part... at least not until this "stealth mode" thing is over.

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