Good Investments

November 9, 2006   

It's a nice feeling when an investment turned into returns. This election season I gave the following contributions, and each generated amazing results.

  • David Pepper for Hamilton County Commissioner - $25
  • -----------> Winner. First Democratic majority in County seat in 44 years.
  • John Sarbanes for US House of Reps (from Maryland) - $25
  • -----------> Winner. (My friend was the campaign manager)
  • - $25
  • -----------> Made GOTV 7 million calls, increasing voter participation in mid-term elections
  • DNC, 50 State Strategy - $25
  • -----------> Finally the Democratic Party starts realizing it can't be the party of Massachusetts, California, and New York.
  • DNC, New Donor Program - $25
  • -----------> A young man in up-state New York gave $25 when I pledged to match a new donor. Our Party grows.
  • Trip back to Cincinnati to help with the elections - $140 (anonymous donor paid for this)
  • -----------> We won and I got to be there.

Some folks made much more significant investments in their political future and didn't get the results they deserved (like my father's support of Victoria Wulsin), but for me, the lesson is clear: find people and plans you believe in and invest in them. Sometimes your returns aren't seen right away, but sometimes you get lucky and have a clean sweep, making everything seem worth every penny.

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