October 13, 2006   

innonate. Hmm. innonate. Hmm, that word sounds like something. What could it be?Innovate? Nate? Could this blog be the confluence of these words? Yes. And welcome to innonate.

I'm Nate Westheimer, and I'm bringing innonate into the blogosphere with the intention of simplifying my life. Before today, I blogged, or had blog history, at over 6 locations. I was scattered about, and had no focus. But not anymore: When I blog about investing, I will blog here; When I blog about politics, I will blog here; When I blog about technology or web-trends, I will blog here; indeed, when I blog about family matters worth sharing, I will blog here.

With the personal motto of "if it's worth blogging about, blog about it on innonate," I hope to simplify my online life by blogging about what matters and sticking to topics appropriate for this blog. This will pressure me to be selective, and will also demand that my posts are of the utmost quality. Here, I will also provide a retrospective of my prior blogs, tagging such articles appropriately.

Lastly, I will enjoy your feedback. I'm implemented a Contact Page, and you can always let me know what you think by commenting on my blog articles. I'll take any and all advice, and will be very appreciative of everything you have to share.

Thank you in advance for your eyewatt-hours, Nate

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