Totally Should Do(able) - What bulbs do you have?

September 6, 2006   

Think of all the technology that's changed in the past 20 years and think about how much easier and cheaper out lives are because of it. Now, realize that I'm joking. A lot of the technology we have now makes our lives more costly and more than a bit more complicated. But one technology, recently featured in this Fast Company article, has fulfilled the promises of time and money (and energy) conservation: the fluorescent light bulb.

I know, I know, there's a lot we've hated about these buzzing weird lights in the past, but apparently, while we've been staring at these computer screen bulbs, the technology behind fluorescent bulbs have changed a lot. So, check out this article, and check out how (WTF?!) Wal-Mart is taking charge in the move to CFL (compact fluorescent light) into every Wal-Mart shopper's home, saving the world from the greenhouse gases that inconveniently and truthfully will kill us one day.

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