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February 28, 2006   

Cousins & Brother,

A while ago you may have heard the idea floated out there that I would begin to provide updates regarding the economy and family investments. The idea came from conversations with a few of you: just because you focus your day to day attention issues other than the economy and investments made on our behalf, it didn't mean that you weren't genuinely interested in knowing more about how those assets were being put to work, and how the national and global political and economic climates effected those assets. My take home point was this: it's good for all involved that you want to be actively aware of these things, and it's your right to know. You, and I, should feel comfortable being a part a conversation about our investments - our future.

And so, I'm creating this private blog so that this conversation can begin.

This blog is designed so that I can post material and information that may be of interest to you. That being said, your input and comments will be needed. When you have a question or comment, just put it below the blog entry, or write me an email. I am not trained in economics, and I'm not a professional investor, but I'll use my time and interest in the subject to do the research and try to pass on the information whenever possible. At times, I'll ask Dick, Pete, or Bill to contribute, as I've learned as much from them as anyone, and I think they could be good resources, too.

So, the basic premises we'll start with are these:

1). As a group, we do not have identical financial profiles, but our portfolios do have close similarities which will allow us to talk in generalities about how the economy and our family investments are important in our lives. Understand that I do not have access to your personal account information so I will rely on general information about common holdings provided to me by you, Dick, or Pete.

2). I will take this general information and provide ongoing analysis of how general and specific changes to companies, industries, markets, and economies effect those holdings. I will do my best to stay on top of the issues and events that matter most to us as a group of investors.

3). Please note that our input, questions, and observations matter in investment decisions -- and no question is a dumb question. Your input is absolutely crucial for making this work.

4). I want this to be useful to you. If you find that you don't, in the end, have the time or interest to follow this blog, please let me know. And don't hesitate to tell me how you think I could make it better!

Well, here we go. I hope you enjoy this as much as I think I will.



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