Meeting Richard Clarke

June 7, 2004   

Two weeks ago I called Steve and suggested that we head over to the Corte Ingles in Serrano and meet Ex-President Aznar. It was fun well worth our time and Steve thanked me for keeping my ears open and getting us to the event.

Today, Steve called me and told me that Richard Clarke was in town giving a discussion for the International Book Fair of Madrid. Of course, I said yes, and thanked him afterwards, and here's our proof of a good time:

Hey, I even got a picture alone with him!

This was cool! And (not pictures) ex (four term) President Gonzalez was there. I was the first allowed to ask a question which has a story of its own:
There was a translation service because Clarke gave his answers and statements in English, so everyone was wearing those headphones that they have in the UN. So, when it came time for me to ask a question, I did it in English into a microphone they gave me, so the lady in the other room could translate. But the mirophone didn't work, so after 30 seconds of them trying to fix it I said, in Spanish, "Okay, it doesn't matter, I'll just ask the question in both languages." That got a laugh from the crowd, and mostly from Presidente Felipe Gonzalez, who thanked me then, and then when I shook his hand afterwards, thanked me for my question, which was "If America needs to change its anti-terrorism poicies so much, what do you think, Mr Clarke and Gonzalez, about the plan Kerry has laid out in the past two weeks, and why they, Mr Clarke, are you choosing to stay out of the campaigning if you think Bush's policies are so endangering our country?"
Good question.
Good answer.
I'll give it later, I gotta run... another long day ahead of me tomorrow.

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