Meeting Presidente Aznar

May 27, 2004   

When I get back to the States, I will charge 5 bucks to shake my hand.

Yesterday I went with my good friend Steve to the Corte Ingles in Serrano, in the pijo barrio of Salamanca. There, we bought the new book, shook the hand of, and took our pictures with José María Aznar: Spain's ex-President and good ol' buddy of Jorge C. Arbusto, or George W. Bush.

While I disliked much of what the guy did while in office, I can't say he was a bad conservative. He ruled while Spain grew faster than any other European country and then brought its politics into the international spot light. Now that he's out of office, and his party out of control, Aznar (or Ansar, as Bush called him) will be teaching classes at la Universidad Jorgepueblo, by which I mean Georgetown University.

Of course one, when about to meet someone as important in world affairs as Aznar, thinks about what to say. This was not hard. I ran up to the podium and called him a jerk. Just kidding. Actually I asked if students from other universities would be allowed to sit in on his lectures, and he said yes, or at least he thought so. Then I asked him if he´d be making speaches at other colleges, and he said 'no'. Those jerks at Georgetown prohibit him from making appearances at other schools.

So I never liked him anyways, and so while walking away from the table where Aznar was sat, I looked down at the dedication he gave me in his book:


To Nathiel

from a friend,

Jose Maria Aznar


TO NATHIEL??? The g·ddamned ex-President can't even spell. I saw that and grinned. I never liked the guy anyways.

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