Arte de Willy

May 10, 2004   

It really was one of those moments that passes and then only days later you can believe. This is what happened when, on Friday night while hanging out with my visiting cousin Alex and my buddy Evan at the Calle Puebla apartement, Willy walked in with his girlfriend Silvina after a long night working.

I hadn't seen Willy for a few days because I had been in San Sebastian, and now with his new job at an Argentinean restaurant he's never home. So, the first thing I did after giving my salutations and introductions to Alex, was to complement him, very heavily, on his latest paintings... two pieces that really blew my mind. One of them especially touched me, and I, of course, made that clear to him. "Willy," I said, "You've really painted a good cuadro!"

And this is where the magic happened. Willy had promised me a painting to bring back to the USA - and then and there he dedicated this painting to me:

This is quite a work. Unfortuantely the flash on my camera takes away a bit of the excellence, but you can still see it. To see more, check out my

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